ClearSun LED Technology

• 51% Reduced Eyestrain
• Best Color Rendering Available
• Exclusive Technology

3 out of 4 People Experience Eyestrain Daily

Eyestrain is far more prevalent than we think. And as a result, the things we enjoy most are often cut short because our eyes are telling us they’ve had enough. Itchy, burning, fatigued eyes are key indicators that we are not using lighting that is healthy for our eyes.

Experiencing Eyestrain?

It Could Be Your Light

The spectral output of most light sources looks like a roller coaster. Big peaks. Deep valleys. What does that mean for your eyes? A rough ride with eyestrain and glare. Your eyes fight to work as the muscles adjust to deal with unbalanced light wavelengths. ClearSun® LED Technology is the gold standard for balanced light to help you see and feel better by reducing eyestrain by up to 51%

A Healthier Way to See

Our exclusive technology is the closest to natural daylight as you can find in an LED light. Which helps your eyes be the healthiest they can be.

Standard LED

Natural Daylight

ClearSun® LED Technology

How it's Better

Natural Daylight is healthier for your eyes because it has a more balanced spectrum of color that's easy on your eyes. And no gaps for your eyes to fill in. ClearSun® LED Technology provides a comparable experience, much smoother for your eyes than standard LEDs. ClearSun® LED Technology is as close to the spectral output of the sun as you can get.

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Standard LED
ClearSun LED

The BEST Color Accuracy on the Market

The Color Rendering Index is used to measure how well a light shows color accuracy on a scale of 1-100. The better the score, the more accurate the color rendering. With a CRI score of 95+, OttLite ClearSun® LEDs show colors more vividly and true to life.